About me

     The name is Radka, but I'm known as Rhea Ayase on the interwebz. I'm that rare unicorn, a female programmer. And a gamer. I'm an active contributor not only to dev communities, but also to the gaming ones. Grill on the web!
     I used to be a streamer with rather decent amount of viewers, but now I stream only casually while still trying to put up a video or two every month and actively maintaining several large gaming communities on Discord.

     I began my career in game development, leaving my C++ code all over the Angry Birds, later on a little bit of C++ and Python in the World of Tanks engine, and a lot of C# in several other released titles and prototypes. I'm currently wearing my Red Hat though. As you could have guessed, I'm on the dotnet and Azure teams. I love C#, I find C++ a bit too slow to use, and dislike Python for its whitespace syntax... Hate me for it if you want :P

     I was familiar with Linux for a long time, and actively started using it somewhere around 2008. My first desktop distribution was Mandriva 2008, later it was Arch Linux and during university I switched to BackTrack, because I studied security and felt like I might as well play around a little bit out of the standard sandbox... As far as servers go my first server experience was with CentOS, then I went through ClearOS briefly, and ended up using unRAID on my home-server. It was an interesting project to set up all the things. After university I went more casual and after I sold my notebook I was left with only my Windows PC and the unRAID server for a while.

     One day I managed to inspire the desolate white space with the delicate C# letters of simplified artificial intelligence, also known as the Botwinder. A little almost-open-source project, a Community Management bot for Discord. It was running on Raspberry Pi 3 in Raspbian Linux, however during the summer 2016 it became very popular and the poor tiny raspie was not enough anymore. And so we are running it from a strronk VPS now, together with its website. Nope, I'm not a web developer! My fiancĂ© is responsible for that, it is Laravel somethingsomething... ;P
     Oh and I'm running Fedora 24 on my RedHat issue Lenovo notebook. <3


Private Discord ~ botwinder.info ~ twitter.com/RheaAyase ~ youtube.com/RheaAyase ~ twitch.tv/RheaAyase ~ fedoraproject.org/Rhea ~ github.com/RheaAyase ~ reddit.com/u/RheaAyase