It was about two months ago, when I was approached by Charles Profitt, author of the “How do you Fedora” series and Editor of the Fedora Magazine. He noticed my contributions to Fedora project and wanted to do a little interview with me and write an article about how do I use Fedora. “Sure, why not,” I replied with a smiley as usual =)

He sent me a bunch of questions for me to answer, and so I did. It was an essay! He also wanted some pictures, so I included a bunch of screenshots relevant to the questions, and a photo. A few weeks later, I was surprised by rather large amount of “notifications” on my twitter. Hey the interview was out!


This blog post is about reactions though, what would you expect? I didn’t really know what to expect. It was mostly positive, it made me smile when random friends sent me a message “Hey I just totally randomly found you here!” Even non-Fedora users did, for example one friend of mine just decided to install Fedora, and he saw the article when he was about to download it. Oh and the comments on the article were nice as well, someone asked what kind of cookies did I like, chocolate chip or something else? “I like to alternate choco chip ones with … dunno what to call them, they are filled with nutella kind of cream.”

Some comments were not nice and made me think about the state of the open source community, for example on our /r/Fedora subreddit we have a bot post all the Fedora Magazine articles, and people were commenting on it. Some people either really hate Microsoft, or anything anyhow related to closed source, even by really far and distant roots. .NET Core is fully open source, licensed under MIT and Apache licenses, and yet people still hate on it because of its connection to Microsoft and its closed source predecessor, .NET Framework. .NET Core is a good project, and has great potential. It is open source and many people work on it in their free time, and these haters ruin their efforts. >_<

When someone hates you for your open source contribution, just because of some distant relation to closed source or Microsoft, you won’t be happy. In fact the feeling was very similar to hearing sexist comments towards women in tech or gaming. If you are one of these people, be ashamed of yourself. Anyway, the point of this is not to upset anyone, but to maybe raise awareness of this problem. To maybe hope for the perfect future where every open source contribution is equal.

I love C#, doesn’t mean that I love Microsoft. In fact, I don’t like any of their products, except .NET and I definitely hate Visual Studio. Go JetBrains Rider!!

Oh hey, here is the article:

PS: Windows 7 was okay as well.