This is a story about my character in the Elite Dangerous game. A story of love and adventure, with a taste of science and beauty of space ships. A diary written by Commander Rhea, passionate fighter pilot.

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Day Four

  I’m still sleepy, but it’s already light outside… I’ll just keep laying here in bed, it’s so… beautiful. I’m happy, last night was awesome. We found each other by the terminal entrance, and then he took me to nice little restaurant by the river. I just went with whatever he suggested, and it was a good meal. After we’ve eaten, he took my hand and lead me to the river. You could see the bridge from there, it has beautiful lights. It was somewhat calm even though we were in a busy city.
  He hugged me from behind as I was looking at the bridge, and we just stood there quietly for a while. Then he took me to some kind of street marketplace and got a candy for me, they don’t make this kind anywhere else in the galaxy apparently. It was something between ice-cream and cotton candy, it was good. The whole evening was nice and it wasn’t an awkward silent date you might imagine, we were chatting about our lives, getting to know each other. Oh right, I just woke up in his bed, that’s why i’m feeling so awesome, he’s holding me close, i hope that he will let go soon though, i’ll need to pee. Hey don’t get funny ideas though! When we were walking through the street after i finished the candy, he asked if i would like to go to his place, get a feeling of home before I disappear in the void… I was most tempted by nice shower to be honest. Real flowing water huh? I did take that shower when we came here, then he offered me his bed, it’s a big one by the way, and he was about to leave the room with a blanket when I stopped him and said that i would like him to stay… He hugged me in the bed and I instantly fell asleep feeling safe and happy.
  “New message received,” Kirea announced through my comms pin. I’ve got one of the imperial style jewelry-like communication pins, I really like this tech, direct voice link to my ship within a few hundred kilometers. Of course it will recognise only my voice though. Oh, he’s awake now as well… “Good morning,” i turn around and smile at him, to receive just a soft kiss. “I’ll have to see what is it, the planetary security office was supposed to let me know when they get those wrecks here so i can take a look.” I never told him about my business before, I didn’t want to mix lovely evening with my work. “Oh okay, do you have any idea who they were and why were you after you and the cargo?” He is curious. “Nope, no idea. The officer told me that there were neither any survivors, nor dead pilots, and transponders were missing as well. I hope to find some technical marks on the ship that would point me in some direction.” He is listening carefully, trying to focus on what i’m saying. He is still half asleep hehe…

  I’m on my way to Kirea, I need to change my clothes, the flight suit serves me well as a uniform. You would think that the world would change in a few thousand years, but it didn’t, and women are still considered less than men. Some people are happy that for example navy ranks are in one gender only, they see it as equality between genders. I do not, I see it as men trying to force women into acting like men if they want to be recognised. I’m a woman, I’m neither baron nor lord. I wear the suit in public to gain tiny bit of respect thanks to the Elite rank it shows. I’m sitting in a transport train now, it’s a fancy one, and it passes over the bridge I mentioned earlier. Love the view. “Kirea, who sent the message?” - “Lieutenant Antoine Dubois” I got out of Eric’s apartment without checking the message, I didn’t want to over-extend my stay. “Kirea, play the message.” - “Commander Ayase, we have recovered those ships that you’ve destroyed, we will be waiting for you at the Spaceport zone E.” Okay, zone E is full of Large pads, makes sense they have an impound nearby. Oh, several people stare at me… probably enjoying the sight of a girl dressed up for a date, listening to Lieutenant Antoine do her bidding.

  So I spent the rest of the day digging through the trash that once was an Eagle. It had obviously modified main engines, and there are only two places they do this kind of modification. I’ll head to Farseer tomorrow morning, it’s very late and I need some rest.


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