As you may know I’m kind of a Community Manager, running a few Discord communities and also an author of Community Management bot 1

Several people asked me the following question over the last 24 hours: What do you think about audit logs?
(Discord announced 2 a bunch of upcoming features and this is one of them.)

Ideal situation

What we would like to see in Discord is a full package of proper moderation tools such as mute, kick and ban, and all these should have duration, reason and author.
User should be notified of all these actions with details: on which server, why, and for how long.
These events would be logged with who took the action, against whom, when and why, and for how long were they punished. Moderator should be able to search these logs by who took the action, against whom was it taken, time-frames, and what was the action. They should not be able to modify the logs in any way.

Further we would also need to be able to look up information about users, their past usernames and nicknames, when was their account created, when did they join the server, history of all the above described actions and we need to be able to add custom notes to them - so we know what happened that did not require direct moderation action (kick/ban…)

(I’m basically describing Botwinder here.)


Discord came up with logs, while we are missing the basic tools in the first place. We still can not ban people with specific duration, or mute them. And the user is not notified of these actions in any way, the guild simply quietly disappears from their interface.

So what do I think? I think, or rather, I don’t think that Discord knows what does it take to actually run a community on Discord, I don’t think that they know what do we actually need. That said, they are trying, and these logs are definitely a step in the right direction.
And I still love Discord :]


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1) Botwinder:
2) Discord blog: Year End Teaser - Search, Screen Share, Video Chat, Audit Logs, and Channel Organization: