There are only very few mature gaming communities. One such example is the Elite Dangerous, for the most part anyway. Of course there are a few “special flowers.”

On the other hand we have the majority of gaming communities. Very disgusting and childish ones, where people, even adults, are really disgusting towards one another. Let me give you an example of Overwatch.

Saturday the 4th February 2017.

So I was sick on thursday/friday, and I was laying in bed the whole friday, then I was awake the whole night, feeling a little better, writing some Botwinder code, and of course I went to bed in the afternoon again. I woke up around 22:00 on Saturday, quickly washed myself and ate something, and then we wanted to play a game before my boyfriend goes off to bed.

Overwatch. We played Overwatch. This game has grown-up community, but from my experience, not mature at all. We are quite high in the ranking and it is very useful to talk in these levels, so I try. I talk in the game, over its voice-chat.

So this time around, our team-mates sounded like in their 20s, some even around 30. As soon as I’ve spoken up, this followed:
“Dude what the fuck is with your voice?”
- I have vocal cord disability.
“Be quiet please, it’s hard to masturbate when you talk like that!”
- Are you actually making fun of my disability?
etc etc…

This happens to me every other game. 50% of this community is disgusting. It hurts…

…and don’t tell me that “It’s the internet *shrug*“ - that is no excuse for inhuman behavior. You should act the same online as you would offline. I hope that the humanity will one day get to the point when they act like that, otherwise there is no hope for us.