Radka in her new Red Hat loves .NET T-Shirt.

Lunch before the talks

Another talk at another conference type of thing. Everything ready, including myself. Surprisingly everything was so smooth, that I have literally nothing to write about (as opposed to the previous one)

Easy morning without rushing, picked up a package in the office and went for lunch. Then the talk, ate pizza, went to a pub with the Microsoft team and others, had some fun, and chat… *shrugs*

It was simply a good day with a small exception of temperature - it was insanely hot and the black tshirt didn’t help it. I hope that everyone could actually hear me and I didn’t do something I don’t know about, like… cover the microphone with my naughty hair :D

Radka talking in the FI MUNI Brno.

Photo credit: Karel Zikmund @ziki_cz