This is a story about my character in the Elite Dangerous game. A story of love and adventure, with a taste of science and beauty of space ships. A diary written by Commander Rhea, passionate fighter pilot.

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I’m still hungry…

  As I’m approaching the coordinates from Eric I can see a few cars parked side by side on a small meadow between a large field and a forest. “That has to be them. Kirea, lights please.” - “Yes Commander.” Hovering over the cars, shining the light between the trees I can see some people running out of the forest and waving at me, one of them is blond, seems like my viking! I’m so excited, finally! “Kirea full power to shields, and deploy landing gear,” I ask her as I descend for landing. “Keep the shields up, shutdown everything else and open the ramp.” - “As you wish my thane.” I chuckle at her response, grab my jacket, and walk towards the exit.

  “Hi hi!!” They welcome me so nicely, I missed them, they are a nice bunch. “Oh!” I’m being squeezed! The hugs I missed so much! “Are you hungry?” Eric is asking. “Starving! Lead the way.” I’m smiling so much. They’ve set-up a small fire some twenty meters into the forest. Smells good, fresh air, trees… I love the nature, that’s probably the only thing I miss in space.

  The night went well, I was enjoying my time off. How lovely it is to be taken care of for a change, to feel loved. I wonder where is our relationship heading. The rest of the bunch went back home, we stayed and slept in the Fer deLance. I’m sitting here alone in the cockpit, watching the sun rising at the edge of the forest. Eric is still sleeping, it is only me who can’t sleep. *bleep* - “hm?” - “Commander Rhea, this is Major Antoine Dubois if you remember me, we could use your services.” Interesting. It’s the cop from the Baynes city who was helping me the first time I was around here. “Yes, congrats on your promotion. What would you need my help with?” He had only Lieutenant rank last time. “Oh thank you! Yes, I noticed that someone entered our airspace on security lockdown override, which doesn’t happen often so I was curious. The moment I’ve seen your name I remembered the tuned eagles you left scattered all over the place last time. This time we have a problem with those damn racers as you know. We have a fresh lead as to their whereabouts and could use some good pilots. Would you be able to join us?” Well, I did use my rank to enter, promising to help, right? “Send me the coordinates and I’ll be there asap.” He bows and disappears. “Eric, wake up!!!” I’m shouting all over the ship… No reaction. “WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!” shaking with him.. he is smiling and acting like sleeping. “No,” he pulls me down to the bed - “noooo… Have to go, get up please. Use the bathroom and join me in the cockpit asap.” - “Oh-kay?”

  “Kirea, full power to engines, retract landing gear.” All kinds of noise comes out of the insides of the ship. “You ready?” - “Yep,” Eric is all strapped in, in the other seat. He said last night that he would like to know more about my life. This would be the first demonstration of what do I usually do. “Hehe,” I chuckle as I slam the throttle forward and hit the full boost. I had him wear proper flight suit for this otherwise he could even get injured from the G’s. “Whoa!” A loud thunder-like noise scares him but a few seconds later. “Sound barrier,” I smile at him. My Fer deLance is already modified as well, that’s why I could somewhat keep up with the Imperial Eagle the other day. It can hit over 400 m/s even at low altitudes with dense atmosphere. The security forces won’t have modified ships, however well geared Vipers Mk.III should not stay far behind my Fer deLance. I hope that they won’t show up with Eagles like the other day. “And you said that those racers are like 50% faster than this? Are they teleporting?!” I chuckle - he seems enjoying the ride. We’re going to the other side of the city. “Kirea, open comms to the Baynes City flight control.” *bleep* “Fer deLance, Romeo Hotel Echo Alpha, Elite, requesting clear space ahead.” - “You’re good Commander, flights are still grounded. Good luck.” Heh I don’t need luck. “Thank you.” I boost yet again.

  “Kirea, open comms to Major Dubois.” *bleep* “Commander Rhea reportng, almost in position.” - “We will join you within a minute or two. You will follow our wing and on my mark you will charge ahead and turn around, to surround the area. We will cover the sides as well.” - “Copy.” I hope that it won’t go completely wrong. Eric looks at me, “why did you not spell out Rhea this time?” - “He knows me, I’m not officially identifying as a ship. RHEA is my Commander handle, I registered it based on my first name. If you register you full name, or anything else, they will consider only the first three or four letters in combination with your ship. My name is short so I’m cool.” He nods, “cool and cute.” Making me blush, evil guy… “Kirea join their wing comms.”

  “Almost in position, Rhea be ready.” Says the wing leader, Major Dubois. “Mark!” And I boost, and start the 180 maneuver, drifting over the location and reversing into the position. There are even ground forces approaching, they must have been already waiting for us nearby. The racers really pissed them off this time. Someone made it to the closest I-Eagle. “Open fire!” Our three Vipers start shooting with multi-cannons. Multi-cannons are quite efficient in atmosphere, lasers not so much. Railguns are awesome everywhere - I grin as I squeeze the trigger. “Power to weapons.” Their shields flicker and disappear, however they’ve made it up, boosting right around me. “Rhea he’s yours!” Damn bad call, I have to turn around! “Hold on Eric,” I say as I push the throttle forward, holding the stick in rather painful position to slightly roll, yaw and pitch, pushing both vertical and horizontal thrusters. The G’s are insane as I boost into that maneuver. They’re now about 2km away, I trigger the railguns again as soon as I line up. Missed. “Warning, temperature critical,” she says as I fire again. “Deploy heatsink!” Railguns generate a lot of heat. It was a hit, they seem to have damaged drives, definitely slowing down. “I’m following them, they seem to have damaged drives, they’re going down.” - “Great job! We’ve got them now!”

  “Wanna go home now?” Asking Eric. “Yeah sure. Coming with me? We could go out for dinner.” - “I would love that. Kirea, request landing permission.”


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